CiA community trademarks

CAN in Automation (CiA) released the CANopen® and CiA® trademark (CTM) policy. According to the policy, CiA-member companies and companies owning a CANopen Vendor-ID (assigned by CiA) are automatically allowed to use the trademarks according to the trademark policy.
Also other companies may use the trademarks, if they do not produce self-manufactured CANopen devices such as resellers, distributors, service- or software-providers. Companies manufacturing CANopen devices must have a CANopen Vendor-ID.
In order to obtain the trademark usage-permission, other companies have to be registered by CiA. If your company is not a CiA-member and has no CANopen Vendor-ID, please read the CTM policy and register by means of the downloadable pdf-form “CTM user registration”.