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Name Country Homepage
2N Telekomunikace a.s. Czech Republic www.2n.cz
3PEAK INCORPORATED China www.3peak.com
6 River Systems LLC United States www.6river.com
7Sense Technologies A/S Norway www.7sense.no
A-dec, Inc. United Sates www.a-dec.com
A.S.T. Energie- und Umwelttechnik GmbH Germany www.ast.de
A2V Mécatronique SAS France www.a2v.fr
ABB Automation Products GmbH Germany www.de.abb.com
ABB Global Industries and Services Pte. Ltd. India www.in.abb.com
ABB Industrie Switzerland new.abb.com/ch
ABB Oy Finland www.abb.com
ABB Power Electronics, Inc. United States www.abbpowerconversion.com
ABB SpA - ABB Sace Division Italy www.abb.com
Abertax Technologies Ltd. Malta www.abertax.com
Abicor Binzel Germany www.binzel-abicor.com
accroma labtec Ltd. Switzerland www.accroma.com
ACD Antriebstechnik GmbH Germany www.acd-gruppe.de/antriebstechnik
Actia Automotive SA France www.actia.com
Adel System, srl Italy www.adelsystem.com
Ademco 2 GmbH Germany www.resideo.com
ADF web.com srl Italy www.adfweb.com
Adlos AG Liechtenstein www.adlos.com
Advanced Mechatronics GmbH Germany www.advanced-mechatronics.com
Advanced Motion Control (AMC) United States www.a-m-c.com
ADZ Nagano GmbH Germany www.adz.de
Agostec GmbH & Co. KG Germany www.agostec.de
agtatec AG Switzerland www.record.group
Airbus DS-GS, Inc. United States www.airbus-ds-gs.com
Airtec Pneumatic GmbH Germany www.airtec.de
Akerströms Björbo AB Sweden www.akerstroms.com
AKIM METAL Sanayl Ve Ticaret Anonim Sirketi a. s. Turkey www.akimmetal.com.tr
Albert Klein Funktechnik GmbH Germany www.ak-funktechnik.de
Allora International LLC United States www.alloraintl.com
Altek GmbH Germany www.altek-gmbh.de
Altronic LLC United States www.altronic-llc.com
Amazing Microelectronic Corp. Taiwan www.amazingic.com
AMCS Ireland www.amcsgroup.com
Analog Devices, Inc. United States www.analog.com
Analytica GmbH Germany www.analytica-gmbh.de
Anedo GmbH Germany www.anedo.eu
Applied Motion Products, Inc. United States www.applied-motion.com
Aptiv United States www.aptiv.com
Aradex AG Germany www.aradex.com
Aranha Ltd. United Kingdom
Arasan Chip Systems, Inc. United States www.arasan.com
Aros Electronics AB Sweden www.aros.se
Ascon Tecnologic srl Italy www.ascontecnologic.com
ASM Automation Sensorik GmbH Germany www.asm-sensor.de
AST Köhler GmbH Germany www.astkoehler.de
Atos SpA Italy www.atos.com
Aufzugswerke Schmitt & Sohn GmbH & Co. KG Germany www.schmitt-aufzuege.de
Autec srl Italy www.autecsafety.com
Auxind S.r.l. Italy www.auxind.com
aVineas IT Consulting Netherlands www.avineas.nl
AVL List GmbH Austria www.avl.com
Axiomatic Technologies Corp. Canada www.axiomatic.com
Axor Industries SAS Italy www.axorindustries.com
B&R Industrial Automation GmbH Austria www.br-automation.com
b-plus mobile control GmbH Germany www.b-plus.com
Bachmann Electronic GmbH Austria www.bachmann.info
Baker Hughes Energy Technology UK, Ltd. United Kingdom www.bakerhughes.com
Balluff GmbH Germany www.balluff.de
Bamboo Dynamics Corporation, Ltd. Taiwan www.bamboo-dynamics.com
BARTH Elektronik GmbH Germany www.barth-elektronik.de
base engineering gmbh Germany www.base-engineering.com
Baumer Group Switzerland www.baumergroup.com
Baumüller Nürnberg GmbH Germany www.baumueller.de
Bayer U.S. LLC. United States www.bayer.com
BBC Bircher Smart Access Switzerland smartaccess.bircher.com
BCE-Elektronik GmbH Germany www.bce-elektronik.de
Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG Germany www.beckhoff.de
Beijer Electronics Products AB Sweden www.beijerelectronics.com
Belden Deutschland GmbH Germany www.beldensolutions.com
Benning Elektrotechnik und Elektronik Germany www.benning.de
Bernd Walter Computer Technology Germany www.bwct.de
Berner Fachhochschule für Technik und Informatik Switzerland www.bfh.ch
Bertrandt Germany www.bertrandt.com
Betamont s.r.o. Slovakia www.betamont.sk
Bietronic B.V. Netherlands www.bietronic.com
Bihl & Wiedemann GmbH Germany www.bihl-wiedemann.de
Blink srl Italy www.blinkmarine.com
Böhnke + Partner GmbH Germany www.boehnkepartner.de
Bonfiglioli Vectron GmbH Germany www.bonfiglioli.com
Botek Systems AB Sweden www.botek.se
Bracco Injeneering SA Switzerland www.bracco.com
Braunkabel GmbH Germany www.braunkabel.de
Bronkhorst Nederland BV Netherlands www.bronkhorst.nl
Bronto Skylift Oy Ab Finland www.brontoskylift.com
BROSAtronic AG Switzerland www.brosa.net
Brunner & Fecher Regelungstechnik GmbH Germany www.bf-regelungstechnik.de
Brunner Elektronik AG Switzerland www.beh.ch
BS Tableau GmbH Germany www.bstableau.de
Bucher Automation AG Germany www.bucherautomation.com
Bucher Hydraulics AG Switzerland www.bucherhydraulics.com
Bürkert Werke GmbH & Co. KG Germany www.burkert.com
C & S group GmbH Germany www.cs-group.de
c-trace GmbH Germany www.c-trace.de
C.E. Electronics, Inc. United States www.ceelectronics.com
Cabletronic srl Italy
Cadence Design Systems, Inc. United States www.cadence.com
Caldaro AB Sweden www.caldaro.com
Cameron Ireland Ltd. Ireland www.c-a-m.com
Camozzi SpA Italy www.camozzi.com
Carneios GmbH Germany www.carneios.de
CAST, Inc. United States www.cast-inc.com
Caterpillar, Inc. United States www.cat.com
Cattron GmbH Germany www.cattron.com
Cavotec Micro-Control A/S Norway www.cavotec.com
CDNS Systems Engineering AB Sweden www.cdns.se
Cedes AG Switzerland www.cedes.com
Celmi srl Italy www.celmi.com
Cern Switzerland www.cern.ch
Cetoni GmbH Germany www.cetoni.de
CG Drives & Automation AB Sweden www.cgglobal.com
Changzhou Yuantai industry Technology Ltd. China
ChargePoint Network (UK) Ltd. United Kingdom www.chargepoint.com
Chieftek Precision Co., Ltd. Taiwan www.chieftek.com
China Leadshine Technology Co., Ltd. China www.leisai.com
Christian Schlegel Consulting Germany www.chs-consulting.de
Clampon A/S Norway www.clampon.com
Cleantron B.V. Netherlands www.cleantron.nl
Cleveland FES Center United States www.fescenter.org
CMZ Sistemi Elettronici Italy www.cmz.it
CNI Informatica srl Italy www.cniinformatica.it
Cobo SpA - Division 3B6 Italy www.cobogroup.net
CODESYS GmbH Germany www.codesys.com
Commonplace Robotics GmbH Germany www.cpr-robots.com
Computec s.r.l. Italy www.computeconline.it
Contelec AG Switzerland www.contelec.ch
Continental Automotive Technologies GmbH Germany www.continental-corporation.com
Control Techniques United Kingdom www.controltechniques.com
Copley Controls United States www.copleycontrols.com
Copperhill Technologies Corp. United States www.copperhilltech.com
CS-LAB s.c. Poland www.cs-lab.eu
CSM GmbH Germany www.csm.de
Curtis Instruments, Inc. United States www.curtisinstruments.com
Czech Technical University in Prague Czech Republic www.fel.cvut.cz
DA-Design Oy Finland www.da-group.fi
Daimler Truck AG Germany www.daimlertruck.com
Danfoss Drives A/S Denmark www.danfoss.com
Danfoss Drives Oy Finland www.danfoss.com
Danfoss Power Solutions Denmark www.powersolutions.danfoss.com
Darfon Energy Technology Corp. Taiwan www.darfon.com
Data Panel Corp. United States www.datapanel.com
Data Panel GmbH Germany www.data-panel.eu
DATAMICRO LLC Russia www.datamicro.tech
Datexel srl Italy www.datexel.it
Datum Electronics Ltd. United Kingdom www.datum-electronics.com
DCD-SEMI Sp. z o.o. Poland www.dcd-semi.com
De Haardt BV Netherlands www.de-haardt.com
Deep Sea Electronics PLC United Kingdom www.deepseaplc.com
Deif A/S Denmark www.deif.com
Delta Computer Systems, Inc. United States www.deltamotion.com
Delta Elevator Co., Ltd. Canada www.delta-elevator.com
Delta Energy Systems GmbH Germany www.deltaww.com
Delta Line SA Switzerland www.delta-line.com
Delta-Q Technologies Corp. Canada www.delta-q.com
Demag Cranes & Components GmbH Germany www.demagcranes.com
Desy Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron Germany www.desy.de
Deutronic Elektronik GmbH Germany www.deutronic.com
Deutschmann Automation GmbH & Co. KG Germany www.deutschmann.de
Dexmart Technology Corp. Taiwan www.trumman.com.tw
Dexterity, Inc. United States www.dexterity.ai
Die Entwickler Elektronik GmbH Austria www.dieentwickler.at
DIEHL AKO Stiftung & Co. KG Germany www.diehl.com
Dienes Apparatebau GmbH Germany www.dienes.net
Digi Sens Switzerland AG Switzerland www.digisens.ch
Digital Advanced Control Ltd. United Kingdom www.dac-group.co.uk
Dinacell Electrónica SL Spain www.dinacell.com
DIS Sensors Netherlands www.dis-sensors.com
DMC, Digital Motor Control GmbH Germany www.dmcde.de
Dmos GmbH Germany www.dmosdesign.com
Dormakaba Deutschland GmbH Germany www.dormakaba.com
Dr. E. Horn GmbH Germany www.dr-horn.org
Druck Ltd. United Kingdom www.ge-mcs.com
DSO Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. China www.dso.com.cn
dSPACE GmbH Germany www.dspace.de
Duagon AG Switzerland www.duagon.com
Dunkermotoren GmbH Germany www.dunkermotoren.de
DynaRoads AG Switzerland www.dynaroads.com
E+E Elektronik Ges.m.b.H Austria www.epluse.com
E-T-A Elektrotechnische Apparate GmbH Germany www.e-t-a.de
E.S.T.E. srl Italy www.estetechnology.com
EAO Automotive GmbH & Co. KG Germany www.eao.com
Eaton Corp. Germany www.eaton.com
ebm-papst St. Georgen GmbH & Co. KG Germany www.ebmpapst.com
Eckelmann AG Germany www.eckelmann.de
EDC - Electronic Design Chemnitz GmbH Germany www.ed-chemnitz.de
EDSC electronic Germany www.edsc.de
ehb electronics GmbH Germany www.ehb-electronics.de
Einfochips Ltd. India www.einfochips.com
Elap srl Italy www.elap.it
ElectroCraft, Inc. United States www.electrocraft.com
Electrum Automation AB Sweden www.electrumab.se
Elektronik-Labor Carls GmbH & Co. KG Germany www.el-carls.de
Elevake Hungary Kft Hungary www.elevake.eu
Elfin GmbH Germany www.elfin.de
Elgo Batscale AG Liechtenstein www.elgo.li
ELRA Antriebstechnik Vertriebs Ges.m.b.H Austria www.elra.at
Elte GPS SP z.o.o. Poland www.eltegps.pl
Eltex Elektrostatik GmbH Germany www.eltex.com
Eltorque A/S Norway www.eltorque.no
Eltronic AG Switzerland www.eltronic.ch
embedded brains GmbH & Co. KG Germany www.embedded-brains.de
Embedded Office GmbH & Co. KG Germany www.embedded-office.de
Embedded Systems Academy GmbH Germany www.esacademy.com
embeX GmbH Germany www.embex.de
EmergoStar B.V. Netherlands www.emergostar.com
emotas embedded communication GmbH Germany www.emotas.de
EMS Dr. Thomas Wünsche Germany www.ems-wuensche.com
Emsiso d.o.o. Slovenia www.emsiso.com
Emus, UAB Lithuania www.emusbms.com
Encoder Products Company USA www.encoder.com
Endress + Hauser Flowtec AG Switzerland www.endress.com
EnduroSat AD Bulgaria www.endurosat.com
Epec Oy Finland www.epec.fi
Epic Power Converters s.l. Spain www.epicpower.es
ESA Elektroschaltanlagen Grimma GmbH Germany www.esa-grimma.de
ESAB AB Sweden www.esab.com
esd electronics gmbh Germany www.esd.eu
ESI Motion United States www.esimotion.com
ESP Safety, Inc. United States www.espsafetyinc.com
ESR Pollmeier GmbH Germany www.esr-pollmeier.de
ETG Elevator Trading GmbH Germany www.elevator-trading.de
EWM GmbH Germany www.ewm-group.com
Exertus Oy Finland www.exertus.fi
ez-Wheel SAS France www.ez-wheel.com
Fagor Automation S. Coop Ltda. Spain www.fagorautomation.es
Farmunited GmbH Germany www.farmunited.com
Fassi Gru SpA Italy www.fassi.com
Fatek Automation Corp. Taiwan www.fatek.com
Faulhaber GmbH & Co. KG Germany www.faulhaber.de
Faun Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co. KG Germany www.faun.com
Fernsteuergeräte Kurt Oelsch GmbH Germany www.fernsteuergeraete.de
Festo AG & Co. KG Germany www.festo.com
Fiatec GmbH Germany www.fiatec.de
FlexLink AB Sweden www.flexlink.com
flexlog GmbH Germany www.flexlog.de
Flintec UK Ltd. United Kingdom www.flintec.com
FMC Kongsberg Subsea AS Norway www.technipfmc.com
FORT Robotics United States www.fortrobotics.com
Fraba GmbH Germany www.fraba.com
Franatech GmbH Germany www.franatech.com
Fraunhofer IOSB-AST Germany www.iosb-ast.fraunhofer.de
Fraunhofer IPMS Germany www.ipms.fraunhofer.de
Freitag Elektronik u. Systeme Germany www.freitag-elektronik.de
Frenzel + Berg Electronic GmbH & Co. KG Germany www.frenzel-berg.de
Friedrich Lütze GmbH Germany www.luetze.com
Fuji Electric Europe GmbH Spain www.fujielectric-europe.com
Futura Deutschland GmbH Germany www.dmg.it
G.i.N. GmbH Germany www.gin.de
Gantner Instruments GmbH Austria www.gantner-instruments.com
Gefran SpA Italy www.gefran.com
GEMAC Chemnitz GmbH Germany www.gemac-chemnitz.de
Genemek - GEN Elektromekanik Turkey www.genemek.com
Generac Holdings, Inc. Canada www.generac.com
Genge & Thoma AG Switzerland www.gengethoma.ch
Georg Kühn Steuerungstechnik GmbH Germany www.lift-werbung.de
Georgia Tech Research Institute United States www.gtri.gatech.edu
Germantronic GmbH Germany www.germantronic.de
GEZ Rail Solutions GmbH Germany www.gez-rs.com
Gilgen Door Systems AG Switzerland www.gilgendoorsystems.com
Givi Misure srl a socio unico Italy www.givimisure.it
Glentek, Inc. United States www.glentek.com
Globtrak Polska sp. z.o.o. Poland www.globtrak.pl
GP Systems GmbH Germany www.gp-systems.com
Graf-Syteco GmbH & Co. KG Germany www.graf-syteco.de
Grießbach GmbH Germany www.griessbach.de
Groeneveld - Beka Italy www.groeneveld-group.com
Groschopp Systems Solutions d.o.o. Republic of Serbia www.groschopp.rs
Gross-Funk GmbH Germany www.grossfunk.de
Guangzhou Zhiyuan Electronics Co. Ltd. China www.zlg.cn
Guerbet, Division Medex and LF United States www.guerbet.com
Gunda Automation GmbH Germany www.gunda-automation.de
H.D.T. srl Italy www.hdtlovato.com
Hafner Pneumatika Kft. Hungary www.hafner-pneumatika.com
Haitima Actuator Automation, Inc. Taiwan www.haitlan.com.tw
Halstrup-Walcher GmbH Germany www.halstrup-walcher.de
Hamilton Bonaduz AG Switzerland www.hamilton.ch
Hamm AG Germany www.hamm.eu
Handtmann e-solutions GmbH & Co. KG Germany www.handtmann.de
Hänsch Warnsysteme GmbH Germany www.fg-haensch.de
Harmonic Drive LLC United States www.harmonicdrive.net
HATOX GmbH Germany www.hatox.com
Hauch & Bach ApS Denmark www.haubac.com
HCS Hydraulic Control GmbH Systems Germany www.h-c-s-gmbh.de
Hein Lanz (Tianjin) Industrial Technology Co., Ltd China www.heinlanz.com
HEJM Automatisierungstechnik GmbH Germany www.hejm.de
Heliotherm Wärmepumpentechnik GmbH Austria www.heliotherm.com
HELLA GmbH & Co. KGaA Germany www.hella.com
Helmholz GmbH & Co. KG Germany www.helmholz.de
Hengstler GmbH Germany www.hengstler.com
Henning GmbH & Co. KG Germany www.henning-gmbh.de
Hensoldt Optronics GmbH Germany www.hensoldt.net
Herholdt Controls srl Italy www.hhcontrols.com
Heronitec Solutions GmbH Germany www.heronitec-solutions.de
Hesch Schröder GmbH Germany www.hesch.de
Hiab AB Sweden www.hiab.com
Higen Motor Co., Ltd. South Korea www.higenmotor.com
Hilscher GmbH Germany www.hilscher.com
HiRain Technologies Co., Ltd. China www.hirain.com
Hirschvogel E-Solutions GmbH Germany www.hirschvogel.com
HMF Group A/S Denmark www.hmf.dk
HMS Industrial Networks AB Sweden www.hms-networks.com
Hochschule Offenburg Germany www.hs-offenburg.de
Holger Zeltwanger Germany
Hongke Technology Co., Ltd. China www.hkaco.com
Horner Ireland Ltd. Ireland www.horner-apg.com
Host Mobility AB Sweden hostmobility-eng.setek.se
Hottinger Brüel & Kjaer GmbH Germany www.hbm.com
HTH Sinus Electronic GmbH Germany www.hth-sinus.de
Huber Automotive AG Germany www.huber-automotive.com
Hunan Silicon Internet of Things Technology Co. Lt China www.sitcores.com
Huniolift Kft Hungary www.huniolift.hu
Hunting Subsea Technologies United States www.hunting-intl.com
Hwan Maw Techology Co., Ltd. Taiwan www.hmt.com.tw
Hydac Electronic GmbH Germany www.hydac.com
Hydro Electronic Devices Inc. United States www.hedonline.com
Hydroware AB Sweden www.hydroware.se
HyperPanel Lab France www.hyperpanel.com
I-Chin Motor Technology Co., Ltd. Taiwan www.icm.com.tw
IBK Elektronik Entwicklungs GmbH Germany www.ibk-online.de
IBL-Hydronic GmbH & Co. KG Germany www.iblos.com
IBS-Hühne GmbH Germany www.ibs-huehne.de
Ideatec S.A. Belgium www.ideatec.be
Idec Alps Technologies Co., Ltd. Japan iat.idec.com
IEP GmbH Germany www.iep.de
ifm electronic GmbH Germany www.ifm.com
IGF Link Pty. Ltd. Australia www.igfl.com.au
IHR GmbH Germany www.ihr.de
Infineon Technologies AG Germany www.infineon.com
Ingenia-Cat SL Spain www.ingeniamc.com
Inicore, Inc. United States www.inicore.com
Innova A/S Norway www.innova.no
Inomatic GmbH Germany www.inomatic.de
Inovance Technology Europe GmbH Germany www.inovance.com
Inro Elektrotechnik GmbH Germany www.inro-gruppe.de
Intec - Motion Systems GmbH Germany www.intec-motion.de
Intec GmbH Germany www.intecgmbh.com
Integrated Detector Electronics AS Norway www.ideas.no
Inter Control Hermann Köhler Elektrik GmbH & Co. K Germany www.intercontrol.de
Internet Business Solutions AG Switzerland www.networx.ch
Interroll Engineering GmbH Germany www.interroll.com
IntervalZero, Inc. United States www.intervalzero.com
Intrepid Control Systems, Inc. United States www.intrepidcs.com
Intulogic Holding BV Netherlands www.intulogic.nl
Isac srl Italy www.isacsrl.it
ISIT France www.isit.fr
ISP System France www.isp-system.fr
IT Rodde GmbH Germany www.rodde.de
Italsea srl Italy www.italseasrl.it
Itoh Denki Co., Ltd. Japan www.itohdenki.co.jp
Iveco SpA Italy iwd.iveco.com
iWave Global FZ-LLC United Arab Emirates www.iwavesystems.com
Janz Tec AG Germany www.janztec.com
Javad GNSS Inc. United States www.javad.com
Jenaer Antriebstechnik GmbH Germany www.ecostep.de
JK Energy Ltd. United Kingdom www.jkenergy.com
Joral LLC United States www.joralllc.com
JSC Nefteavtomatika Russia www.nefteavtomatika.ru
Jungheinrich Norderstedt AG & Co.KG Germany www.jungheinrich.de
JVL A/S Denmark www.jvl.dk
Katholieke Hogeschool Vives Zuid Belgum www.vives.be
KEB Automation KG Germany www.keb.de
Keba Industrial Automation Germany GmbH Germany www.keba.com
Keller Druckmesstechnik AG Switzerland www.keller-druck.ch
KEM Küppers Elektromechanik GmbH Germany www.kem-kueppers.com
Kemper GmbH Germany www.kemper.eu
Kendrion Kuhnke Automation GmbH Germany www.kuhnke.kendrion.com
Keysight Technologies United States www.keysight.com
Kiepe Electric GmbH Germany www.kiepe.knorr-bremse.com
Kinco Electric (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. China www.kinco.cn
Kinds Elteknik AB Sweden www.kindel.se
Klug Avalon Mechatronics Pvt. Ltd. India www.klugavalon.com
KNF Service GmbH Germany www.knf.com
Kniel System-Electronic GmbH Germany www.kniel.de
Kollmorgen Europe GmbH Germany www.kollmorgen.com
Kollmorgen Steuerungstechnik Germany www.kollmorgen.de
Kongsberg Maritime Norway www.kongsberg.com
Kostal Industrie Elektrik GmbH & Co. KG Germany www.kostal.com
Kronenberg GmbH Germany www.kronenberg-gmbh.de
KS Sensortechnik GmbH Germany www.ks-sensortechnik.de
Kübler GmbH Germany www.kuebler.com
Kunbus GmbH Germany www.kunbus.de
Kvaser AB Sweden www.kvaser.se
KW Aufzugstechnik GmbH Germany www.kw-aufzugstechnik.de
Kyeongin Tech Co., Ltd. South Korea www.kintec.kr
Lab37 LLC United States www.lab37.us
Lachmann & Rink GmbH Germany www.lachmann-rink.de
Lafert Servo Drives S.r.l. Italy www.lafert.com
LAM Technologies Italy www.lamtechnologies.com
Landert Group AG Switzerland www.tormax.com
Langer & Laumann GmbH Germany www.lul-ing.de
Lantronix Europe GmbH Germany www.lantronix.com
Larsys-Automation GmbH Austria www.larsys.com
Laumas Elettronica srl Italy www.laumas.com
Leine & Linde AB Sweden www.leinelinde.se
Leitronic AG Switzerland www.leitronic.ch
Lely Industries NV Netherlands www.lely.com
Lenord, Bauer & Co. GmbH Germany www.lenord.de
Lenze SE Germany www.lenze.de
Leoni Kabel GmbH Germany www.leoni-cable.com
Lester Electrical of Nebraska, Inc. United States www.lesterelectrical.com
Liftel Comunicaciones, S.L. Spain www.netelcomunicaciones.es
Lika Electronic Italy www.lika.biz
Linak A/S Denmark www.linak.com
Lipowsky Industrie-Elektronik GmbH Germany www.lipowsky.de
Lithion Battery, Inc. United States www.lithionbattery.com
LMM Designs Ltd. United Kingdom www.lmmdesigns.com
Lodgesons Ltd. United Kingdom www.lodgesons.co.uk
Logic Way GmbH Germany www.logicway.de
Lorch Schweißtechnik GmbH Germany www.lorch.eu
LPKF SolarQuipment GmbH Germany www.lpkf.de
LS Electric Co., Ltd. South Korea www.lselectric.co.kr
Lufthansa Technik AG Germany www.lufthansa-technik.com
Lumissil Microsystems International Ltd. Hong Kong SAR of China www.lumissil.com
M2M craft Co., Ltd. Japan www.m2mcraft.co.jp
Mach Systems s.r.o. Czech Republic www.machsystems.cz
Manitowoc Crane Group Germany GmbH Germany www.manitowoccranegroup.com
Manitowoc Cranes SAS France www.manitowoccranes.com
Mantracourt Electronics Ltd. United Kingdom www.mantracourt.com
Marathon Ltd. Russia www.marathon.ru
Marelli Automotive Lighting GmbH Germany www.al.world
Märzhäuser Sensotech GmbH Germany www.marzhauser-st.de
Matrix Elektronik AG Switzerland www.matrix-elektronik.com
Maxon Motor AG Switzerland www.maxonmotor.com
MBS GmbH Germany www.mbs-software.de
MCS Mobile Control Systems SA Belgium www.mcs-belgium.com
ME-Meßsysteme GmbH Germany www.me-systeme.de
Medtron AG Germany www.medtron.com
Megmeet Germany GmbH Germany www.megmeet.com
Meiller Aufzugtüren GmbH Germany www.meiller-aufzugtueren.de
Melexis GmbH Germany www.melexis.com
Memminger-IRO GmbH Germany www.memminger-iro.de
Menlo Systems GmbH Germany www.menlosystems.com
Meraki Integrated Circuit (Shenzhen) Technology Lt China www.meraki-ic.com
Mercedes-Benz AG Germany www.daimler.com
Messung Systems Pvt. Ltd. India www.messung.com
Metrol Technology Ltd. United Kingdom www.metrol.co.uk
Metronix GmbH Germany www.metronix.de
MHS Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG Germany www.mhs-elektronik.de
Micelect SL Spain www.micelect.com
miControl GmbH Germany www.micontrol.de
Microchip Technology, Inc. United States www.microchip.com
MicroControl GmbH & Co. KG Germany www.microcontrol.net
Microtronics Engineering GmbH Austria www.microtronics.com
Middex-Electronic GmbH Germany www.middex.de
Miltronik GmbH & Co. KG Germany www.miltronik.de
Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. United States www.milwaukeetool.com
Mitsubishi Electric Europe BV Germany www.mitsubishi-automation.com
miunske GmbH Germany www.miunske.com
MKT Systemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG Germany www.mkt-sys.de
Moba Mobile Automation AG Germany www.moba.de
Mobil Elektronik GmbH Germany www.mobil-elektronik.com
Moog GmbH Germany www.moog.de
Motor Power Company S.r.l. Italy www.motorpowerco.com
Motortech GmbH Germany www.motortech.de
Motovario SpA Italy www.motovario.com
Movisat Tecnomovilidad SL Spain www.movisat.com
Moxa Inc. Taiwan www.moxa.com
MRS-Electronic GmbH & Co. KG Germany www.mrs-electronic.de
MS Mikroprozessor Systeme AG Germany www.ms-ag.de
MTA GmbH Austria www.mta-innovation.com
MTA SpA Italy www.mta.it
Müller Industrie Elektronik GmbH Germany www.mueller-ie.com
Multifeeder Technology Inc. United States www.multifeeder.com
Murata Elektronik GmbH Germany www.murata.de
Murrelektronik GmbH Germany www.murrelektronik.de
N7 Space Sp. z.o.o. Poland www.n7space.com
Nanotec Electronic GmbH & Co. KG Germany www.nanotec.de
NASA Glenn Research Center United States www.nasa.gov
Navalimpianti SpA Italy www.navim.com
Naxys Technologies AS Norway www.naxystech.com
NES Drive Turkey www.nesdrive.com
Neuberger Gebäudeautomation GmbH Germany www.neuberger.net
New Lift Steuerungsbau GmbH Germany www.newlift.de
NGV Electronique France www.ngv1.com
Nilfisk A/S Denmark www.nilfisk.com
Nitro Mekatronik Otomotiv Bilisim San. Ith.Ihr. Turkey nitrobilisim.com.tr
NKE Marine Electronics France www.nke-marine-electronics.com
NMFTA United States www.nmfta.org
Noovelia Physique (Divel) Canada www.noovelia.com
Norgren GmbH Germany www.norgren.com
Nova Measuring Instruments GmbH Germany www.novami.com
Novium Designs Ltd. United States www.noviumdesigns.com
Novosense China www.novosns.com
Novotechnik Messwertaufnehmer OHG Germany www.novotechnik.de
NXP Semiconductors BV Netherlands www.nxp.com
O.M.F.B. Hydraulic Components SpA Italy www.omfb.it
Oceaneering Rotator A.S. Norway www.oceaneering.com
Octé France www.octe.eu
OEM Controls, Inc. United States www.oemcontrols.com
Olsbergs Electronics AB Sweden www.olsbergs.se
ON Design Czech s.r.o. Czech Republic www.onsemi.com
OneSubsea GmbH Germany www.onesubsea.com
Optical Metrology Services Ltd. United Kingdom www.omsmeasure.com
OPVengineering GmbH Germany www.opvengineering.de
Orbitalum Tools GmbH Germany www.orbitalum.com
Oriental Motor Group Co., Ltd. Japan www.orientalmotor.co.jp
Osram GmbH Germany www.ams-osram.com
OWF GmbH & Co. KG Germany
Palfinger AG Austria www.palfinger.com
Paternoster d.o.o. Slovenia www.siol.net
PCH Engineering A/S Denmark www.pch-engineering.dk
PEAK-System Technik GmbH Germany www.peak-system.com
Penko Engineering BV Netherlands www.penko.com
Penny and Giles Controls Ltd. United Kingdom www.curtisswright.com
Pepperl+Fuchs SE Germany www.pepperl-fuchs.com
Performance Motion Devices (PMD), Inc. United States www.pmdcorp.com
Peter electronic GmbH & Co. KG Germany www.peter-electronic.com
Pfreundt GmbH Germany www.pfreundt.de
Phase Motion Control Italy www.phase.it
Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG Germany www.phoenixcontact.com
Phytools, LLC United States www.phytools.com
Pico Technology Ltd. United Kingdom www.picotech.com
Pilz GmbH & Co. KG Germany www.pilz.de
Pirkan Elektroniikka Oy Finland
Pironex GmbH Germany www.pironex.de
Pivotree Pty. Ltd. Australia www.pivotree.com.au
Pixsys srl Italy www.pixsys.net
Plating Electronic GmbH Germany www.plating.de
PMA Prozeß- und Maschinen-Automation GmbH Germany www.pma-online.de
Pneumax S.p.A. Italy www.pneumaxspa.com
Polaris, Inc. United States www.polaris.com
Politecnico di Torino/IEIIT-CNR Italy www.ieiit.cnr.it
Polizei Mittelfranken Germany www.polizei-mittelfranken.de
port industrial automation GmbH Germany www.port.de
PowerX Semiconductor Corp. Taiwan www.powerx-semiconductor.com
Practek Technology Co., Ltd. China www.practek.cn
Pran Systems, Inc. Canada www.pransystems.com
Pride Mobility Products, Quantum Rehab United States www.quantumrehab.com
Prima Electro SpA Italy www.primaelectro.com
Prodigy Technovations Pvt. Ltd. India www.prodigytechno.com
Proemion GmbH Germany www.proemion.com
Promax srl Italy www.promax.it
Prometheus Informatics B.V. Netherlands www.prometheus.nl
ProMinent Dosiertechnik GmbH Germany www.prominent.de
Proteus Industries Inc. United States www.proteusind.com
PSA Elettronica di F. Grifa Italy www.psa-elettronica.com
PSA Group France www.stellantis.com
Quicksilver Controls, Inc. United States www.quicksilvercontrols.com
R-Technik AG Switzerland www.r-technik.ch
RA Consulting GmbH Germany www.rac.de
Raymond Corporation United States www.raymondcorp.com
Red Lion Controls LP United States www.redlion.net
Regulateurs Europa Ltd. United Kingdom www.regulateurseuropa.com
Remes GmbH Germany www.remes.com
Renesas Electronics Europe Germany www.renesas.eu
Rescuetrack GmbH Germany www.rescuetrack.com
Rieker, Inc. United States www.riekerinc.com
Rieter Ingolstadt GmbH Germany www.rieter.com
Robert Bosch GmbH Germany www.bosch.com
Roboteq, Inc. United States www.roboteq.com
Robox SpA Italy www.robox.it
Roche Diagnostics International Switzerland www.roche.com
Rocsys BV Netherlands www.rocsys.com
Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG Germany www.rohde-schwarz.com
Rohloff AG Germany www.rohloff.de
Rohm Co., Ltd. Japan www.rohm.com
Ropex Industrie-Elektronik GmbH Germany www.ropex.de
Rostislav Kalčík Czech Republic www.autocentrum-kalcik.cz
Rota Engineering Ltd. United Kingdom www.rota-eng.com
RST Elektronik GmbH Germany www.rst-elektronik.de
RT Systemtechnik GmbH Germany www.rt-systemtechnik.de
rt-labs AB Sweden www.rt-labs.com
RTA srl Italy www.rta.it
S2Tech srl. Italy www.s2tech.it
Saab Systems Air and Land Systems Division Sweden www.saabgroup.com
Sabo Elektronik GmbH Germany www.sabo.de
Safeline Sweden AB Sweden www.safeline.eu
Sandvik Mining and Construction Oy Finland www.sandvik.com
Santest Co., Ltd. Japan www.santest.co.jp
SC Promat srl Romania www.promat.ro
Scaime SAS France www.scaime.com
Scancon Encoders A/S Denmark www.scancon.dk
Scansense A/S Norway www.scansense.no
SCB srl Italy www.scb-italy.com
Schaefer GmbH Germany www.ws-schaefer.de
Schindler Aufzüge AG Switzerland www.schindler.com
Schmersal GmbH & Co. KG Germany www.schmersal.com
Schneider Steuerungstechnik GmbH Germany www.lisa-lift.de
ScioTeq BV Belgium www.scioteq.com
SEC of America, Inc. United States www.sec-america.com
Sedo Treepoint GmbH Germany www.sedo-treepoint.com
Segger Microcontroller GmbH Germany www.segger.com
Selectron Systems AG Switzerland www.selectron.ch
Semikron Danfoss Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG Germany www.semikron-danfoss.com
Semitron SA Greece www.semitron.gr
Sensata BEI Sensors France www.sensata.com
Sensata Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. India www.sensata.com
Sensatec Co., Ltd. Japan www.sensatec.co.jp
Sense-Tech Weighing Systems ApS Denmark www.sense-tech.com
Sensor-Technik Wiedemann GmbH Germany www.stw-mm.de
Sensorlink Subsea AS Norway www.sensorlink.no
Sensotek GmbH Germany www.sensotek.com
Servotronix Motion Control Ltd. Israel www.servotronix.com
SEW-Eurodrive GmbH & Co. KG Germany www.sew-eurodrive.de
SFC Energy AG Germany www.sfc.com
Shanghai AMP & Moons' Automation Co., Ltd. China www.moons.com.cn
Shanghai Analogy Semiconductor Technology Ltd. China www.analogysemi.com
Shanghai Chipanalog Microelectronics Co., Ltd. China www.chipanalog.com
Shanghai Gemple M & E Co., Ltd. China www.gemple.cn
Shanghai Smart Control Co., Ltd. China www.smartsh.com
Shanghai Tianxun Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. China www.digipot.com.cn
Shanghai Tosun Technology Ltd. China www.tosunai.com
Shanghai United-Imaging Healthcare Co., Ltd. China www.united-imaging.com
Shenyang Guangcheng Technology Co., Ltd. China www.gcgd.net
Shenzhen ACE Battery Co., Ltd. China www.acebattery.com
Shenzhen Goodix Technology Co., Ltd. China www.goodix.com
Shenzhen Tritek Ltd. China www.tritekbattery.com
Sieb & Meyer AG Germany www.sieb-meyer.de
Siemens AG Germany www.siemens.com
Siemens Healthcare GmbH Germany www.siemens.com
SignalQuest LLC United States www.signalquest.com
SIKA Dr. Siebert & Kühn GmbH & Co. KG Germany www.sika.net
Siko GmbH Germany www.siko.de
SiliconAuto BV Netherlands www.siliconautotech.com
Silvaco, Inc. United States www.silvaco.com
Simma Software, Inc. United States www.simmasoftware.com
Simplex Motion AB Sweden www.simplexmotion.com
SIMTEC Elektronik GmbH Germany www.simtec-elektronik.de
SKODA Electric a.s. Czech Republic www.skoda.cz
Skoflo Industries, Inc. United States www.skoflo.com
SMAC Corp. United States www.smac-mca.com
Smart DV Technologies India www.smart-dv.com
Smart in Ovation GmbH Germany www.sio-gmbh.de
SME SpA Italy www.sme-group.com
Smie France www.smie.com
Softing Automotive Electronics GmbH Germany www.softing.com
Solarit AB Sweden www.solarit.se
Solartron ISA United Kingdom www.solartronisa.com
Sontheim Industrie Elektronik GmbH Germany www.s-i-e.de
SP.EL. srl Italy www.sp-el.com
Speedsignal GmbH Germany www.speedsignal.de
Spezialantriebstechnik GmbH Germany www.spat-antriebe.de
Spring Machine Control s.r.l. Italy www.springmachinecontrol.com
Sprinte SAS France www.sprinte.eu
Standby GmbH Germany www.standby.gmbh
Stange Elektronik GmbH Germany www.stange-elektronik.de
Stegborgs El-evator AB Sweden www.stegborgs.se
Stegia AB Sweden www.stegia.se
Step Sigringer Elektronik GmbH Germany www.step-sigriner.com
Stiegele Datensysteme GmbH Germany www.stiegele.eu
Still GmbH Germany www.still.de
Stinis Holland BV Netherlands www.stinis.com
STMicroelectronics Application GmbH Germany www.st.com
SubC Solutions A/S Norway www.subc.no
SubCtech GmbH Germany www.subctech.com
Subsea Sensors LC United States www.subseasensorsinc.com
SUCO Robert Scheuffele GmbH & Co. KG Germany www.suco.de
Super-B Lithium Power BV Netherlands www.super-b.com
Sure Grip Controls, Inc. Canada www.suregripcontrols.com
Suzhou Shenen Electronic Technology Co. China www.saiien.com
SVAB Hydraulik AB Sweden www.svab.se
Swac GmbH Germany www.swac.de
Swift Home Lifts Sweden AB Sweden www.swiftlifts.com
Swoboda Embedded Solutions GmbH Germany www.isz-pst.de
Synapticon GmbH Germany www.synapticon.com
Synics AG Switzerland www.synics.ch
Synopsys India Pvt. Ltd. India www.synopsys.com
SYS TEC electronic AG Germany www.systec-electronic.com
System Ceramics S.p.A. Italy www.systemceramics.com
T-Cars System s.r.o. Czech Republic www.t-cars.cz
Taxitronic Interfacom S.A.U. Spain www.taxitronic.com
TDK Electronics AG Magnetics Business Group Germany www.tdk-electronics.tdk.com
Technische Alternative GmbH Austria www.ta.co.at
Technosoft SA Switzerland www.technosoftmotion.com
Tecnologix srl Italy www.tecnologix.it
Tektronix Inc. USA www.tektronix.com
Teledyne Cormon Ltd. United Kingdom www.cormon.com
Teledyne LeCroy Co., Inc. USA www.teledynelecroy.com
Teletec GmbH Germany www.teletec-gmbh.de
Temposonics GmbH & Co. KG Germany www.temposonics.com
Tennant Co. United States www.tennantco.com
Texas Instruments, Inc. United States www.ti.com
TG Drives s.r.o. Czech Republic www.tgdrives.cz
Thermo Fisher Scientific Oy Finnland www.thermo.com
Thiim A/S Denmark www.thiim.com
Thor Engineering GmbH Germany
Tianjin Elco Automation Co., Ltd. China www.elco-holding.com
Tianjin Geneuo Technology Co., Ltd. China www.gsee-tech.cn
TiMOTION Technology Co., Ltd. Taiwan www.timotion.com
TK Engineering Oy Finland www.tke.fi
Tofi Sensing Technology Shanghai Co., Ltd. China www.tofi-tech.com
Topcon Electronics GmbH Germany www.topcon-electronics.com
Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc. United States www.topconpositioning.com
Toyota Material Handling Manufacturing Sweden AB Sweden www.toyota-industries.eu
TR-Electronic GmbH Germany www.tr-gruppe.de
Trafag AG Switzerland www.trafag.com
Trafag GmbH Germany www.trafag.de
Transtronic AB Sweden www.transtronic.se
Trinamic Motion Control GmbH & Co. KG Germany www.trinamic.com
Trombetta United States www.trombetta.com
Tsino-Dynatron Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. China www.tsino-dynatron.com
TSM Sensors srl Italy www.tsmsensors.com
TTControl GmbH Austria www.ttcontrol.com
Turck Electronics GmbH Germany www.turck.com
TWERD Power Electronics Ltd. Poland www.twerd.pl
TWK Elektronik GmbH Germany www.twk.de
UAB "Rusoku Technologijos" Lithuania www.rusoku.com
Ulrich GmbH & Co. KG Germany www.ulrichmedical.com
Unicontrol Systemtechnik GmbH Germany www.unicontrol.de
Unisemi Power, Inc. China www.semiconductorpower.com
UniSwarm SAS France www.uniswarm.eu
Unitek Industrie Elektronik GmbH Germany www.unitek-online.de
University of Vaasa Finland www.uwasa.fi
Unjo AB Sweden www.unjo.com
UNO MINDA Systems GmbH Germany www.unominda-systems.com
UV Software Germany www.uv-software.de
Varan-Bus-Nutzerorganisation Austria www.varan-bus.net
Variotech GmbH Austria www.variotech.com
VDL Containersystemen BV Netherlands www.vdlcontainersystemen.nl
Vecima Networks Inc. Canada www.vecima.com
Vector Informatik GmbH Germany www.vector.com
Vega s.r.l. Italy www.vegalift.it
Viega GmbH & Co. KG Germany www.viega.de
Viessmann Elektronik GmbH Germany www.viessmann.de
Virginia Controls LLC United States www.vacontrols.com
Vishay Nobel AB Sweden www.blhnobel.com
VK Electronics LLC Russia www.vkelectronics.ru
Völkel Mikroelektronik GmbH Germany www.voelkel.de
Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH Germany www.volkswagen.de
VPG Systems UK Ltd. United Kingdom www.vpgsensors.com
W&H Dentalwerk Bürmoos GmbH Austria www.wh.com
W. Gessmann GmbH Germany www.gessmann.com
Wachendorff GmbH Germany www.wachendorff.de
Wago Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG Germany www.wago.com
Walvoil SpA Italy www.walvoil.com
Wapice Ltd. Finland www.wapice.com
Wärtsilä Lyngsø Marine A/S Denmark www.wartsila.com
WEG Automation Europe SRL Italy www.weg.net
Weigl GmbH & Co. KG Austria www.weiglcontrol.com
Weihai Idencoder Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. China www.idencoder.cn
Welvaarts Weegsystemen BV Netherlands www.welvaarts.com
White Bream Netherlands www.whitebream.com
Wieland Electric GmbH Germany www.wieland-electric.com
WIKA Mobile Control GmbH & Co. KG Germany www.wika-mc.com
Wika SE & Co. KG Germany www.wika.com
Wilo SE Germany www.wilo.com
Windurance LLC United States www.windurance.com
Wittur Austria GmbH Austria www.wittur.com
Won Tech Won Co., Ltd. South Korea
Wurm GmbH & Co. KG Germany www.wurm.de
X-Sensors AG Switzerland www.xsensors.com
XTrack Sp. z o. o. Poland www.xtrack.com
Xyntos GmbH Switzerland www.xyntos.ch
Yaskawa Europe GmbH Germany www.yaskawa.eu.com
ZHAW Switzerland www.ines.zhaw.ch
Zhejiang Hechuan Technology Co., Ltd. China www.hcfa.cn
Ziehl-Abegg SE Germany www.ziehl-abegg.de
Zolitron GmbH Germany zolitron.com
Zöller-Kipper GmbH Germany www.zoeller-kipper.de
Zoomlion Heavy Industry, NA Inc. United States www.zoomlion-na.com
Zub Machine Control AG Switzerland www.zub.ch
Zyax AB Sweden www.zyax.se