CiA profile SIGs

CiA reviews periodically its specifications. In order to review pending comments and to discuss new functional requests, two SIGs have been... Read more

CiA webinars

The 60-min webinars are given in English, Chinese, and Russian language. They provide overviews on different topics. Participation is free-of-charge. Read more

CiA webinars

CiA has scheduled its 2021 webinars. For details see the CiA activities list on the left. The first webinar on February 2 provides information about... Read more

CAN Info Mail

As in the last year, CiA sends monthly the CAN Info Mail (CIM) email informing the CAN community about its activities and other interesting news about... Read more

Happy New Year

The CiA staff is partly back in office, but most of us are still working remotely from home. Nevertheless, the CiA office is full operational. Read more