CiA 447 updated

The CANopen specification for open networks in passenger cars has been improved. CiA 447-2 and CiA 447-3 version 2.1.3 introduces some new parameter for the virtual devices information signaler and switch keypad.

SAE J1939DA updated

As usual, the SAE J1939 committee has updated the digital annex. Since the beginning of August, the J1939DA is available by SAE. It contains PG (parameter group) and SP (suspect parameter) specifications, for example.

ISO 16845-2:2018 released

ISO has released the test plan for the high-speed MAU compliant to ISO 11898-2:2016. The dynamic test cases include functions specified in ISO 11898-1:2015 for implementations with partial wake-up functions.

CAN FD Tech Day in Irvine

In September, CiA organizes a CAN FD Tech Day in Irvine, CA. This free-of-charge one-day event provides basic information on the physical and data link layer as well as standardized application layers such as CANopen and J1939.

1300 CANopen Vendor-IDs

Since 1999, CiA assigns the CANopen Vendor-IDs. In total, 1325 IDs have been assigned. This year, it was already 35. This means, there are still new CANopen supplier joining the community. The list of IDs is here.

August issue of CAN Info Mail

The CAN Info Mail (CIM) is sent monthly to its subscribers. It provides detailed data of scheduled CiA services and other interesting information about CAN technology.

Harmonizing specifications

CiA is going to harmonize its specifications. This includes unique formats for parameters, protocols, and services. This should improve readability and understandability. Interested parties may contact secretary(at)

CiA community still grows

As usual, in the beginning of a year companies quit their CiA membership. In the following months, new members join. The first half of this year, 52 companies have applied for CiA membership. The complete list is here.

July issue of CAN Info Mail

The CAN Info Mail, a monthly email service of CiA, contains valuable information about upcoming events and CAN-related news. Here is the online version.

CAN FD technology days

CiA organizes the CAN FD technology days in Czech Republic, US and Italy. The events aim to bring the latest trends and development in the CAN FD technology and the practical experience.