15th international CAN Conference

In October 2015, the 15th iCC took place in Vienna, Austria). The CAN FD protocol already internationally standardized (ISO 11898-1, was the main topic including first application-related experiences and research results by carmakers. This included CAN FD network design recommendations and ideas how to migrate from Classical CAN to CAN FD. In addition, security, IoT, and “exotic” vehicle applications were topics presented and discussed.

Ixxat sponsored the 15th iCC.


Session I: Vehicle application
Chair: Holger Zeltwanger (CAN in Automation)
Oliver Hrazdera (Rosenbauer): CAN in fire-fighting trucks
Gennady Benderman (Porsche): Usage of CAN and CAN FD for high-definition headlight systems
Olaf Pfeiffer (ESAcademy): Advanced testing for highly dynamic CANopen systems such as CiA 447
Session II: Physical layer
Chair: Uwe Koppe (MicroControl)
Magnus-Maria Hell (Infineon): The physical layer in the CAN FD world
Yuki Horii, Yasuhiro Mori (Denso): Ringing suppression technology to achieve higher data rate using CAN FD
Derek Sum (Kvaser): Wireless replacement for cables in CAN networks - Pros and cons
Session III: Migration to CAN FD
Chair: Florian Hartwich (Bosch)
Orlando Esparza (Microchip): Transitioning applications from CAN to CAN FD
Tony Adamson (NXP): FD Shield: Hybridization of CAN and CAN FD networks
Kent Lennartsson (Kvaser): CAN FD filter for Classical CAN controllers
Session IV: Concepts of CAN
Chair: Oliver Hrazdera (Rosenbauer)
Gianluca Cena (CNR-IEIIT): Preventing bit stuffing in CAN
Dr. Arthur Mutter (Bosch): Advantages of CAN FD error detection mechanisms compared to classical CAN
James K. Meer (Microflight): Development of the Aviation CAN FD Standard
Session V: Higher-layer protocols
Chair: Lars-Berno Fredriksson (Kvaser)
Dr. Oliver Hartkopp (Volkswagen): Linux and ISO 15765-2 with CAN FD
Peter Decker (Vector): CAN FD with dynamic multi-PDU-to-frame mapping
Holger Zeltwanger (CAN in Automation): CAN FD for commercial vehicles - Chances and challenges
Session VI: Security
Chair: Dr. Eduard Metzker (Vector)
Amir Spivak (Beyond Security): Increasing resilience by finding unknown vulnerabilities
Andreas Müller (Bosch): Plug-and-secure communication for CAN
Thilo Schumann (CAN in Automation): Security in embedded systems
Session VII: CAN FD design
Chair: Thomas Lindenkreuz (Bosch)
Dr. Marc Schreiner (Daimler): CAN FD system design
Panagiotis Oikonomidis (University of Brighton): Modelling, simulation, and performance analysis of a CAN FD system with SAE benchmark based message set
Federico Pereira (C&S Group): An automated model based design flow for the design of robust CAN FD networks
Session VIII: CAN and IoT
Chair: Harm-Peter Krause (esd)
Heikki Saha (TK Engineering): Cloud-based CANopen system service approach
Jörgen Palmhager (HMS): Industrial IoT and CAN/CANopen