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April 2021

A word from the CiA Managing Director

The nonprofit CiA association reviews periodically all of its documents. This includes Public Available Specifications (all five years), Draft Specifications (five years or before motion to PAS), Draft Specification Proposals (at least after two years), and Technical Reports (after five years). The review process starts with a call for comments and new feature requests. Those can be submitted by CiA members and by non-members.

The following documents are currently under systematic review:

  • CiA 412-1, -2, -3: CANopen profiles for medical devices (collimator, dosimeter)
  • CiA 418: CANopen device profile for battery modules
  • CiA 419: CANopen device profile for battery chargers
  • CiA 445: CANopen device profile for RFID devices
  • CiA 450: CANopen device profile for pumps
  • CiA 452: CANopen device profile for PLCopen motion control
  • CiA 455: CANopen application profile for drilling machines
  • CiA 456: CANopen profile for configurable network components
  • CiA 457: CANopen profile for wireless transmission media-based CANopen devices
  • CiA 458: CANopen device profile for energy measurements
  • CiA 462: CANopen device profile for item detection
  • CiA 463-B: CiA profile for IO-Link gateway – Part B: Functional behavior and parameters
  • CiA 463-C: CiA profile for IO-Link gateway – Part C: CANopen mapping
  • CiA 463-F: CiA profile for IO-Link gateway – Part F: CANopen FD mapping
  • CiA 603: CAN frame time-stamping: Requirements for network time management
  • CiA 802: Avoiding CAN remote frames

If you like to review them, please use the CiA comment form available on the CiA website and send your comments to CiA office.

Of course, you can also comment all CiA documents at any time. Your submitted comments will be considered at least with the next review.

We are improving our documents continuously. The CiA editing rules are similar to those used by international standardization bodies as defined in the IEC/ISO Directives Part 2. The next edition of these IEC/ISO editing rules will be released beginning of May, and we will adapt them as soon as possible.


Registration for iCC 2021

The registration for the iCC online conference is open. The original program has been adapted to four half-days, in order to allow participants to attend worldwide at convenient times. There is added also a one-hour discussion session (CiA CAN Coffee) with all speakers and chairpersons at the end of each conference day.

Interlift moved to 2022

The international Interlift tradeshow for elevator suppliers has been postponed to April next year, because of the coronavirus pandemic. Since more than 10 years, CiA participates with a booth at this fair presenting CANopen Lift technology and products.

CAN Newsletter Online

Recommended CAN Newsletter Online articles in March:

Separate display/control unit: Vehicle diagnostics with CAN FD. Hella Gutmann has introduced its Mega Macs X diagnostic solution. It is a modular device concept with separate display/control unit and comes with configurable function and data modules. CAN FD is included as diagnostic protocol.

March issue of CAN Newsletter magazine

The first issue 2021 of the CAN Newsletter magazine focuses on CANopen. It contains articles about CANopen in the food and beverage industry as well as CANopen object dictionary of an injector. Furthermore, other articles provide information regarding CAN FD Light and the migration from Classical CAN to CAN FD. Of course, other topics are included. The articles can be downloaded individually or you can download the entire magazine.

New Youtube videos by CiA

CiA has its own Youtube channel. The following movies have been uploaded recently:

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