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February 2021

A word from the CiA Managing Director

February is normally the time for the Embedded World tradeshow. It is the first indicator, how the economy regarding embedded control business is starting into the New Year. But the times are not normal. Covid-19 affects all of us – longer than most of us have expected. I remember quite well the first cases in Germany. Business slowed down and the Embedded World 2020 was a disaster compared to previous years.

CiA decided not to participate at the Embedded World Digital 2021 virtual fair. We do not believe in online exhibitions, in particular for nonprofit associations. The evaluated concepts do not fit to our requirements in networking and promoting new technologies. Nevertheless, we participate at the Embedded World Digital conference. I will read a paper about CAN XL, Reiner Zitzmann reports about the new features of the USDO services in CANopen FD, and Yao Yao talks about CAN FD Light, a CAN FD node implementation for price-sensitive applications such as smart LED headlights.

Apropos new communication technologies: CAN XL is shortly before the goal. CiA reviews finally the CiA 610-1 CAN XL data link layer and the CiA 610-3 CAN XL physical media attachment specifications. The CiA internal release is expected in spring. The official announcement is planned during the 17th international CAN Conference (iCC) in June. This conference is scheduled as e-conference. Details will be announced on CiA’s website in the next weeks. In the moment, we are planning four half-days (afternoons in Germany). In the morning, we will provide open CiA technical meetings, 60-min webinars on specific topics, etc. There will be also chat-rooms with the iCC speakers and an informal CiA CAN Coffee (C3) to exchange experiences and knowledge.

Coming back to the embedded networking business. In most of my talks with members, I heard that new developments are still ongoing. We have assigned in 2020 as much CANopen vendor-IDs as the years before: 42 to members and 19 to non-members. In total, we have registered 1432 vendor-IDs. The annual assignment average is 68.


SIG subsea

This special interest group (SIG) has been re-opened. New chairperson is Harald Schumacher (Onesubsea). The SIG has reviewed all pending comments and has asked CiA office to implement them in the next version of the CiA 443 CANopen subsea profile specification. Additionally, the SIG is going to extend the profile functionality. Under consideration are battery management and electrical motors. Next SIG meeting is in April (12th from 15:00 to 17:00 CEST) . Please contact CiA office for detailed information.

SIG truck gateway

This special interest group (SIG) has been re-established. It will review the CiA 413 series. Besides updating the referenced ISO 11992-2/3 suspect parameters, new suspect parameters specified in DIN 4630 (body builder network) and DIN 14704-2 (gateway for fire-fighting trucks) as well as the FMS (fleet management system) specification will be referenced. The CANopen CiA 413 tuck gateway is supported by Iveco. Companies such as ifm electronic provide also CiA 413 implementations in their controllers for truck/trailer body builders. Next SIG meeting is in February (25th from 9:00 to 11:00 CET). Participants are welcome. Please contact CiA office for detailed information.

December issue of CAN Newsletter magazine

The fourth issue of the CAN Newsletter magazine focuses on CAN XL. It contains articles on the CAN XL data link layer protocol and the physical layer options. Furthermore, two articles provide ideas how to use CAN XL networks from the viewpoint of higher layer protocols. The articles can be downloaded individually or you can download the entire magazine.

CAN Newsletter Online

Open-source: Visualizing CAN data in telematics dashboards. CSS Electronics have recently enabled to visualize CAN data in free, open-source telematics dashboards.

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New CiA members since the last CiA Info Mail (CIM)

  • Delta Electronics (TW)
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  • iSYS RTS (DE)

CiA has 704 members (February 01, 2021).

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