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January 2022

A word from the CiA Managing Director

Happy new year! This year is the year of CAN XL. In January, we start to integrate the CiA 610-1 (CAN XL data link layer and physical coding sub-layer) and the CiA 610-3 (CAN SIC XL physical medium attachment) specifications into the ISO 11898-1 respectively ISO 11898-2 standards. We also consider to submit the CiA 601-4 (CAN SIC physical medium attachment) to ISO. Additionally, the CiA 604-1 (CAN FD Light data link layer) is a candidate to be added as an appendix in the next edition of ISO 11898-1.

To update the ISO will take some time. In the meantime, the CiA 601-4, CiA 604-1, CiA 610-1, and CiA 610-3 specifications are available for CiA members free of charge to be downloaded from the CiA website. We also plan to review these CiA Draft Specification Proposals (DSP) and to release them as CiA Draft Specifications (DS), which will be part of the one-year subscription of the CiA 6XX series. This means non-members can purchase them. I expect the release of these documents by end of February.

CiA technical groups are still working on additional CAN XL documents. Conformance test plans for the lower layers (CiA 610-2 and CiA 610-4) are under development as well as the CiA 611 series specifying CAN XL higher-layer services. The CiA 611-1 (SDU types) specification is close to be released as DSP. Additionally, CAN XL guidelines and application notes are in the pipeline. CiA 612-1 will provide system design recommendations and CiA 612-2 comprises a PWM (pulse-width modulation) coding implementation guideline. The CiA 613 series under development specifies CAN XL data link layer add-on functional entities such as security and LLC (logical link control) frame fragmentation.

The 2nd CAN XL plugfest scheduled for December 2021 has been postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It will be re-scheduled depending on the coronavirus situation. The objective is to test the interoperability regarding the behavior on faulty frames and other errors.

The future of CAN XL seems to be bright. Especially, the automotive industry is very interested. Other application domains can benefit from the 3rd CAN generation, too. CAN XL enables an easy integration into TCP/IP environments. It features a very reliable and a robust communication. And the prices for the CAN XL components are expected to be very reasonable as known from the 1st and 2nd CAN generation.


Your article in CiA’s CAN Newsletter

CiA turns 30 this year, so is the CAN Newsletter. CiA’s editors are still looking for articles/input that fit in this anniversary issue. If you have any interesting CAN-related topics, just contact the editors with your ideas at pr(at)

CiA’s open discussion forum

CiA’s open discussion forum will be continued in 2022. CiA likes to label each Friday forum with a topic. Of course, this does not limit the topics, which you like to discuss. It indicates just that a CiA expert on the scheduled topic is available. The next dates and topics are:

  • On January 21, the main topic is CAN XL.
  • On January 28, the main topic is generic CAN bootloader.
  • On February 4, the main topic is CANopen FD.

If you want to be part of the meetings, just join via Zoom:

CANopen Vendor-ID

Assigned by CiA, this 32-bit number uniquely identifies a CANopen device vendor (mostly the manufacturer) and is mandatory to be implemented in a CANopen device. A vendor is enabled to implement the vendor-ID together with the product code, revision number, and serial number within the identity object 1018h (see CiA 301). This additional optional assignment lies in the responsibility of the vendor. Thus, a CANopen device can be worldwide-uniquely identified, which helps to provide proper multi-vendor implementations. To receive a free-of-charge CANopen Vendor-ID is one of the CiA membership benefits. The Vendor-ID assignment for non-members costs 1500 Euro (plus VAT).

LIN supplier ID assignment by CiA

The two-byte LIN supplier ID is required to identify a LIN (local interconnect network) responder according to ISO 17987-3. CiA assigns the LIN supplier ID uniquely on behalf of ISO. To order a LIN supplier ID, please contact lin(at)

CAN Newsletter Online

2021 in review: Times are challenging
The year 2021 was shaped by the Covid-19 pandemic. No tradeshows, just a few in-person meetings, broken supply chains and chip shortage as well as home office challenged most of us.

December issue of the CAN Newsletter magazine

The December issue of the CAN Newsletter magazine is online. It contains articles about generic CAN (FD) security requirements, achieving correct ESD protection for CAN FD, migration to CAN FD, application reports, and more. Additionally, Ken Tindell informs about how to defend against the Janus low-level CAN attack.

The articles can be downloaded individually or you can download the entire magazine.

CiA webinars and CiA technology days 2022

Also in 2022, CiA offers the 60-min webinars and 3-hour CiA technology days. Some of them are provided in Chinese or Russian language. The online events are free of charge and are recorded to be uploaded to CiA’s Youtube channel.

In-house seminars

CiA offers in-house seminars to companies with dedicated training requirements. The agenda is tailored to company's specific needs. Any CAN-technology-related topic can be covered. Interested parties should contact events(at)

Online seminars

1 in English language

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CiA has 711 members (January 03, 2022).

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