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July 2022

A word from the CiA Managing Director

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Body applications on commercial trucks are often based on CAN networks. In the past, they were connected to the CAN-based body builder interface providing a gateway function to the in-vehicle networks. DIN has standardized this body builder network in DIN 4630 released in May 2022. Just released, DIN started the revision of this document. New features are required, especially the ePTO (electric power take-off) requests. If the body application is more complex, multiple body application units (BAU) could be needed. In some cases, each of them requires a PTO from the vehicle. This means a PTO manager entity is needed. Such an entity is not yet specified in DIN 4630.

The current DIN 4630 standard specifies BAU interfaces for some lifting devices (e.g. cranes and tailgates), heating and refrigerating systems, etc. In the next edition, additional BAU interfaces (e.g. hooks) will be specified. There is also the idea to use the vehicles driver display to provide BAU information. This is similar to the Virtual Terminal specified in the ISO 11783 series for agriculture and forestry vehicles. MAN is committed to submit a first proposal. By the way, DIN 14704 standardizes a gateway to the in-vehicle networks for fire-fighting trucks, which is based on DIN 4630.

Currently, the body application network standardized in DIN 4630 supports two application layers: classic CANopen and J1939. In the main part of the standard, the parameters are standardized. In the annexes the mappings to the CANopen dictionary respectively PGs (parameter groups) are specified. A default PDO (process data object) mapping is not yet provided.


Technology day CiA in action

On Wednesday, July 6, 2022 the next technology day will take place. Join this online event to discuss, stimulate, or initiate up-to-date CAN-related topics with CiA. Find the program and details here. Time: 9:00 till 12:30 (UTC+2). To register please contact CiA.

CAN Newsletter turns 30 years

In June 1992, the first CAN Newsletter was published in German language. Already in 1993, it was released in English language. It started as a newsletter with brief news and reports. Nowadays, the CAN Newsletter is a high-quality magazine. Just recently, Holger Zeltwanger, the founder, handed over responsibility to Cindy Weissmueller. She is now the editor-in-chief of the CAN Newsletter magazine. She is looking forward to your technical or application-oriented articles to be published in one of the next issues. If interested, please contact her by email.

CANopen Lift plugfest 2022 (members only)

CiA organizes a plugfest for its members for testing interoperability of lift host controllers and components. Oskar Kaplun who will run the plugfest is looking forward to the event: "CANopen Lift testing sessions and knowledge exchange in a friendly environment awaits you in the comfortable location at Moevenpick Conference Center (Airport Nuremberg)". The event is scheduled on September 6, 2022 (start 9:00 to 18:00 UTC+2). The registration deadline is July 22, 2022. For further details, please contact CiA office.

30-years CiA birthday celebration

At the two-day anniversary event on June 1 and June 2, members of the CAN community have met at a location in Nuremberg in the midst of the city park. After a long period of online meetings only, it was possible again to exchange experiences and knowledge in personal talks. About 60 participants from 36 member companies and nine colleagues from CiA joined the event. The presentations given reported about the latest developments of the CiA community, especially about CAN XL and CAN FD Light data link layers as well as the CAN SIC XL physical layer. The presentation slides are available for members on request. Read the event report of the CAN Newsletter Onlline here.

June issue of the CAN Newsletter magazine

The second issue of the free-of-charge CAN Newsletter magazine 2022 is released. The new series called “history and trends” with feature articles on dedicated application fields continues. This time, it focuses on the history and trends of CANopen, CAN on and under sea, CAN in air and space, as well as CiA members from the beginning.

Other topics include a case study on extending CAN, an application report on feeding cows using CAN, an open-source CANopen protocol stack, automotive diagnostics, a measurement and calibration tool, as well as a solution for complex CAN architectures. Brief news is provided in the section standards and specifications.

The articles can be downloaded individually or you can download the entire magazine.

CAN Newsletter Online

Embedded World 2022: The latest trends and technical innovations in the field of embedded system development were presented at the tradeshow. CAN was a part of it as always. CAN Newsletter Online reported about it in several articles.

Online seminars

  • 2022-09-27: CAN1
  • 2022-09-28: CANopen1


  • 2022-07-07: CiA – 30th anniversary1
  • 2022-09-08: CAN in rail vehicles1

Technology days

  • 2022-07-06: CiA in action1
  • 2022-09-15: Chinese CiA technology day2


  • 2022-09-30: CAN in railway vehicles1

1 in English language
2 in Chinese language

New CiA members since the last CAN Info Mail (CIM)

  • Cleantron (NL)
  • Lab37 LLC (US)

CiA has 724 members (July 01, 2022).

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