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November 2022

A word from the CiA Managing Director

CAN in Automation (CiA) members have established the Marketing Group (MG) CAN XL. It is responsible to organize joint marketing activities regarding the third generation of the CAN communication technology. CiA has already submitted the CiA 610-1 (CAN XL data link layer) and the 610-3 (CAN XL physical media attachment sub-layer) to ISO for international standardization. The CAN XL specifications will be integrated into the next editions of ISO 11898-1 (CAN data link layers) respectively ISO 11898-2 (CAN high-speed and SIC (signal improvement capability) transceivers). ISO 11898-2 is already in DIS (Draft International Standard) ballot. ISO 11898-1 will follow, soon.

CiA is continuing to extend the CAN XL ecosystem. Conformance test plans (CiA 610-2 and CiA 610-4) are under development and will also be submitted to ISO for integration into ISO 16845-1 respectively ISO 16845-2. Recently, CiA has released the CiA 611-1 specification defining some Service Data Unit (SDU) types. SDU types indicate the used higher-layer protocol. This enables the consumers to interpret the data link layer payload. This means, you can run multiple higher-layer protocols simultaneously on a single CAN XL network. CAN XL can be used for backbone network applications supporting so-called zonal network architectures. You can even run TCP on CAN XL in parallel to legacy CAN communication (e.g. CANopen and J1939-based solutions).

The benefits are obvious:

  • CAN XL features a unique reliability: true Hamming distance of 6, capable to detect five randomly-distributed bit errors in a single XL data frame.
  • Physical layer scalability: legacy high-speed transceiver (2 Mbit/s), SIC transceiver (8 Mbit/s), and SIC XL transceiver (16,7 Mbit/s)
  • Comprehensive ecosystem: conformance test plans, device and network design recommendations, implementation guidelines, application notes, etc.
  • Data link layer add-on functions: XL data frame fragmentation (CiA 613-3) to decrease bus latency times and the CANsec protocol for cybersecuring the XL data link layer (CiA 613-2)

One of the important joint activities is the organization of CAN XL plugfests testing the implementations on interoperability. The next one will take place in Detroit, Michigan, in April 2023. CiA also plans a CAN XL technology day in Detroit. You see, CiA members are very active in developing the third CAN generation. Do not miss the opportunity to get first-hand information on the scheduled CiA webinars and CiA technology days as well as in the CAN Newsletter.


Success at the Innotrans trade show

CiA exhibited at the Innotrans 2022 fair in Berlin. CAN is still one of the well-established embedded networks in locomotives, coaches, and trainsets. Often they are invisible for the operators and the passengers. CiA received some demands to standardize additional embedded CAN-based networks.

One of them is the specification of a CANopen interface for heating ventilation and air-conditioning sub-system. Interested parties may contact the CiA office for further information on embedded CAN network in rolling stock and railway infrastructures (e.g. railroad crossing). The CAN Newsletter also published several articles regarding Innotrans 2022.

First CAN FD Light implementation

CiA members have developed the CiA 604-1 CAN FD Light specification supporting a commander/responder communication. STMicroelectronics has released a first implementation on its L99LDLH32 linear current regulator. With 32 regulated current sources, independently programmable from 1 mA to 15 mA, the product can drive individual pixels in external and interior lighting applications. Global dimming is also provided, with an 8-bit resolution. Read more on CAN Newsletter Online.

September issue of CAN Newsletter magazine

The third issue of the free-of-charge CAN Newsletter magazine 2022 continues with the “history and trends” series featuring CAN on construction sites and CAN on rails. A report about the 30th CiA anniversary including CiA member interviews give a valuable feedback on CiA’s work.

Topics such as photovoltaics for on-board charging, CAN products for mobile machines, CANopen-powered subway auxiliary inverters are also covered. Providers give an interview on CAN SIC transceivers. Additionally, a vehicle network processing platform with functional safety, how to secure CAN networks in commercial vehicles, as well as a CAN FD open-source IP core comprise the magazine. Brief news are provided in the section standards and specifications.

The articles can be downloaded individually or you can download the entire magazine.

Just visit the CiA stand at SPS to get a exclusively-printed copy.

Appointments at SPS 2022

The SPS trade show takes place in Nuremberg from November 8 to 10. If you like to meet CiA representatives, you can make appointments by email. At SPS, the automation industry presents products, solutions, and the latest information about smart and digital automation. More than 1600 national and international exhibitors inform about their latest developments. The CiA stand is in hall 5, booth 410.

New videos on Youtube

On October 6, a webinar on status and future of CAN XL took place in English language. CiA uploaded it on Youtube to watch it free of charge. Two CiA webinars are left in 2022, you can find them listed below.

CAN Newsletter Online

Bauma 2022: The trade show took place from October 24 to October 30 in Munich, Germany. It is an international trade fair for construction machinery, building material machines, mining machines, construction vehicles, and construction equipment. The CAN Newsletter reported about several products and developments found regarding CAN.


CAN- and CANopen-related educational training
Online seminars

  • 2022-11-30: CAN1
  • 2022-12-010: CANopen1

  • 2022-11-17: CANopen FD - Status 20221
  • 2022-12-08: CAN XL - Status 20222
Technology day

  • 2022-12-06: CiA in action technology day1

1 in English language
2 in Chinese language

New CiA members since the last CAN Info Mail (CIM)

  • EnduroSat (BG)
  • Littelfuse (US)
  • RDC Semiconductor (TW)

CiA has 744 members (November 01, 2022).

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