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The Interest Group (IG) J1939 comments J1939-based documents. Additionally, the SIG submits proposals to J1939-based specifications and recommended practices. These documents include the SAE J1939 series, the ISO 11783 series (also known as Isobus), DIN 4630, and IEC 61162-3 (also known as NMEA 2000). Furthermore, the IG releases application notes and implementation guidelines.


Holger Zeltwanger, CiA


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Title Details
CiA 510 version 1.1.0J1939 parameter groups for SDO and EMCY
DescriptionThis document specifies the mapping of CANopen application layer protocols to J1939 parameter groups. This includes, in particular, the mapping of SDO (service data object) client and SDO server protocols. Additionally, this document specifies the mapping of the EMCY (emergency) protocol. The mapping of CANopen profile-specific PDOs is not in the scope of this document.
DSP185 KiB2020-12-01Login
CiA 602-1 version 0.0.6.CAN FD for commercial vehicles – Part 1: Physical layer
WD264 KiB2015-10-30Login
CiA 602-2 version 1.1.0CAN FD for commercial vehicles – Part 2: Application layer
DescriptionThis series of documents specifies the in-vehicle communication between ECUs (electronic control units) for commercial vehicles based on the CAN FD data link layer as defined in ISO 11898-1. Commercial vehicles include trucks, heavy-duty trucks, buses as well as off-road and off-highway vehicles. The CAN FD for commercial vehicles specification series consists of the following parts: Part 1: Physical layer, Part 2: Application layer. This part specifies the application layer protocols based on the SAE J1939 surface vehicle recommended practice series. It includes Autosar compliant protocol data units, which comprises parameter groups as specified in SAE J1939-21 and SAE J1939-71 as well as an optional safety/security field.
DSP184 KiB2017-06-10Login