CiA-Vollversammlung 2016

Der CiA-Vorstand wurde wiedergewählt. Der eingetragene Verein konzentriert seine Aktivitäten in diesem Jahr weiterhin auf CAN FD und CANopen FD. Read more

CiA Board of Directors

The CiA General Assembly confirmed the existing Board of Directors: Harm-Peter Krause (esd) as Business Director, Uwe Koppe (MicroControl) as... Read more

CANopen SIG motion control

The next face-to-face meeting is scheduled on March 17, 2016. On the agenda is the review of the CiA 402 documents and the PDO mapping for CANopen FD.... Read more


The inaugural meeting of the Joint Task Force takes place on March 9, 2016. The group will develop an OPC UA compendium for CANopen. More info: secret... Read more

CiA General Assembly

On Feb 23 from 18:30 to 20:30 CiA members will meet in the Arvena Park Hotel, Nuremberg (DE) (room Noris) for the annual CiA General Assembly. They... Read more


Next face-to-face meeting is scheduled on Feb 16 in Nuremberg (DE). Topics include observation of CiA 601-1 and CiA 601-4 comments as well as... Read more

TF CAN time-stamping

Next face-to-face and Webex meeting in Nuremberg (Germany) will discuss the CiA 603 work draft proposal. Interested car- and chipmakers may register... Read more