CAN XL technology day

CiA organizes a CAN XL Technology Day in Troy, Michigan. During this onsite event the speakers discuss all relevant CAN XL topics such as technical... Read more


CiA invites its members to the CiA Member Day. At that day, CiA fellows discuss current CAN-related developments and challenges. Among others, it is a... Read more

CiA member statistics

CiA members are spread all over the world, but the majority is situated in Germany. Most of them are device manufacturers followed by sub-system... Read more

Jobs at CiA

We are looking for a team-oriented, structured and independently working Technical Editor, Technical Manager, and Office Assistant. Read more

CiA workshop

Discuss with CiA the requirements of CAN-based battery and energy management. On December 13, 2022 a web-based workshop takes place. Read more