CiA profile SIGs

CiA reviews periodically its specifications. In order to review pending comments and to discuss new functional requests, two SIGs have been re-established.

The special interest group (SIG) subsea has been re-opened. New elected chairperson is Harald Schuhmacher (Onesubsea). The SIG has reviewed all pending comments and has asked CiA office to implement them in the next version of the CiA 443 CANopen subsea profile specification. Additionally, the SIG is going to extend the profile functionality. Under consideration are battery management and electrical motors. Next SIG meeting is in April.

The SIG truck gateway has been re-established, too. It reviews the CiA 413 series. Besides updating the referenced ISO 11992-2/3 suspect parameters (also known as process data), new suspect parameters specified in DIN 4630 (body builder network) and DIN 14704-2 (gateway for fire-fighting trucks) as well as the FMS (fleet management system) specification will be referenced. Iveco supplies truck gateways for body builders, which comply with the CiA 413 profile specifications. Companies such as ifm electronic provide also CiA 413 implementations in their programmable controllers for truck/trailer body builders. Next SIG meeting is end of February.

In 2021, CiA is going to re-establish the SIG rail vehicles and the SIG door control, if more than three parties support the activity. CiA also has received a request to specify a profile for radar devices. Requests for other profiles should be send to CiA office.