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CANopen for newcomers online seminars

In this seminar, you learn the basic principles of CANopen, as specified in CiA 301. Furthermore, CANopen additional application layer functions as well as the basic principles of CANopen profiles are introduced. Additionally, you get an insight to the new CANopen FD protocol, according to CiA 1301. The seminar enables you to select the right CANopen device for your applications, to integrate devices in a proper control application, or to design the intended CANopen device behavior. In addition, you are enabled to assess the possibilities and effort to introduce CANopen FD in your projects.

The web-based CANopen seminar has been introduced to increase attendees safety in times of the coronavirus. It provides in a compact format the contents of our well-known on-site seminars.


  • CANopen lower layers
  • CANopen device architecture
  • CANopen protocols
  • CANopen profiles
  • Future of CANopen

Target groups

  • System integrators
  • Development engineers
  • Technical decision-makers

We shall reserve the right to price changes and errors.

Dates & locations

Date Location Berlin Language Registration
2024-06-13 Online 13:00-17:00 English Register now

Local time at CiA office, Nuremberg, Germany.


Without German VAT With German VAT
Non-members 350,00 EUR 416,00 EUR
CiA-members 325,00 EUR 368,00 EUR

Quick overview

Four-hour seminar | 13:00-17:00

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CANopen vendor-ID

The CANopen vendor-ID is part of the object 1018h and identifies the manufacturer of a CANopen device. All CANopen device manufacturers must implement the CANopen vendor-ID. The allocation of the CANopen vendor-ID is handled by CiA headquarters.

Additional information